Although Bex Chilcott writes, records and performs as Ruby Boots, the self-chosen moniker – inspired by the fearless, sometimes rootless life of a traveling artist – isn’t symbolic of some unreachable persona or character invented for the stage.  Instead, it captures the powerful perspective and voice that forms the heartbeat of her music even as it conjures up images that embody the mettle, romance and strength that’s so tightly tied to the vagabond existence.  It’s authentic and defiant, genuine and vulnerable storytelling that surprises, at times lending a touch of the mischievous to even the most fragile scenes and situations.  “I know that you love me, baby, cause I aim to please / I’ll hold the door, baby, if you’re aiming to leave,” she sang from her seat atop the bar at Milkboy Philly, her words and message as strong and clear as the liquor that stood on the shelf behind her.  Performing “I’ll Make It Through” and “Infatuation” for State House Sessions a few hours before her excellent nighttime set at the Chestnut Street venue (04-11-18), the Nashville based, Australian born songwriter effortlessly channeled the soul and spark of her latest record, 2018’s Don’t Talk About It.     

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Article and Images by Caitlin Phillips (Playback Photography)
Sound by Matthew Phillips Audio
Special Thanks Milkboy Philly