Old Sea Brigade



Touched by the light that was streaming into the second floor of Philadelphia’s Standard Tap, Ben Cramer picked at his guitar and let his stories unfold, his voice a beacon of the warmth, gravity and concern rippling throughout soul-searching verses of “Seen A Ghost” and “Love Brought Weight.” Currently based in Nashville, the Atlanta born musician known as Old Sea Brigade recently followed up two critically acclaimed EPs - 2016’s Old Sea Brigade and 2017’s Cover My Own - with his first ever full-length collection of music. Arriving in January 2019, Ode To A Friend expands his catalogue with a somber rush of emotion and a vivid sonic palette that’s at once as understated and gripping as his performances.


“Seen A Ghost” can be found on the newly released Ode To A Friend, while “Love Brought Weight” can be found on Old Sea Brigade
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Words + Images by Caitlin Phillips (Playback Photography)
Sound by Matthew Phillips Audio