With the windows open and light streaming in, it felt as though the unflappable soundtrack of a summer day had joined the small, frenzied landscape of microphones and wires that had been planted all over the room.  And as cars rolled down the streets outside with their motors breathing in and out, slowly exhaling as if taking a long drag off of a cigarette, Sean Walsh took his Epiphone acoustic out of its hard shell case and added his own breathtaking songs to the melody of a sunny August afternoon.  Singing “Motel La Grange,” “I’ll Go Blind” and a cover of Blaze Foley’s “Let Me Ride In Your Big Cadillac,” the frontman for The National Reserve imbued each with a stunning, bittersweet spirit enchanting enough to move the clouds in the sky with each pluck of a guitar string.               

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Article and Images by Caitlin Phillips (Playback Photography)
Sound by Matthew Phillips Audio
Published 9/2017